The Blinkenbike Concept

BLINKENBIKE® is the world’s first sustainable build-a-bike concept for kids. It is a new patent pending (PA 2015 00275) Danish designed balance bike made solely of the finest walnut wood and strong waterproofed birch plywood.

The BLINKENBIKE® isn’t just a bike, it is also a toy and a building kit. One basic bike can be built into a series of bikes in different designs, only dependent on the amount of accessories purchased.
Thus the BLINKENBIKE® is a complete concept for kids not only to learn how to ride a bike, but also how to develop their motor skills and encourage their natural curiosity and creativity by assembling multiple varieties of different designs based on just one basic bike


Blinkenbike balance bike pre bike


More than just a Balance Bike

Put-i-kasse-legetøjThe BLINKENBIKE® is both a balance bike and a toy designed to aspire kid’s curiosity integrating playing and learning.
With the BLINKENBIKE® all the fun begins in the integrated tool compartment, that kids instantly recognise because of the shape as the well known “Shape-Sorter-Toy”.

AC_Tools_and_knobs-In the BLINKENBIKE® the shaped bricks aren’t just bricks, they are small functional Blinkenbolts that kids can use to mount and assemble a variety of different accessories on their BLINKENBIKE® making different designs – let the fun begin!

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Special features

Technical specifications

Guidelines and recommendations

The independent Danish Consumer Council “Tænk” has pointed out 13 guidelines for balance bikes. The BLINKENBIKE® meets 11 of the 13 guidelines. Any deviation is deliberate – see below

  1. Handlebar should not be too wide – for easy manoeuvring 
  2. Limited steering angle – for a stable ride 
  3. Proper distance between handlebar and saddle – to avoid stomach injury 
  4. Steering should not be limited to less than 45° – so the child isn’t forced to lift the bike at narrow turns 
  5. Adjustable saddle height – for long-term use 
  6. Adjustable handlebar hight – to corespond to sitting position 
  7. Padded saddle – to minimise pressure on the kid’s spine 
  8. Low entry – for easy boarding ÷
  9. Large wheels – for more stable ride and minimise risk of falling while cutting curbs 
  10. Soft (pneumatic) tires – to minimise pressure on the kid’s spine and stable ride  (the BLINKENBIKE® has an extra wide rear tyre for extra protection and cooler look)
  11. No handbrake – distracts the child 
  12. No fixed handles – forcing the child to keep hands at a certain place 
  13. Handle for carrying the bicycle ÷

Deliberate deviations

Ad 8) On BLINKENBIKE® we deviated from the low entry in order to get at stiffer frame. We are developing a “Low Entry Model” (Model Swan – see Upcoming designs) but are still working with frame stiffness

Ad 13) There isn’t a carrying handle on the BLINKENBIKE® because we believe that adults should protect their back too. Instead we are developing a carrying harness and a push handle to assist the child during training, and for adults to push the child when he or she is tired.

The bike is by the way rather lightweight

The BLINKENBIKE® Workbench

Apart from the bike and all the accessories along-side, the BLINKENBIKE® concept also include a workbench.
The BLINKENBIKE® Workbench is designed so that your child can keep track of his/her tools and bike parts which can either be hung on the wall using the specially designed Blinkenbolts, or stored in the box.
The box has a little compartment under the lid to store the Blinkenbolts that can be fitted through holes designed like a shape-sorter-toy.

BLINKENBIKE® Workbench – Big

BLINKENBIKE® Workbench – Small

What is a balance bike?

Fast kid on Blinkenbike #balance bike #prebikeA balance bike is great fun for your toddler. It will enable them to get around quickly and independently, and a balance bike also have the advantage, that it teaches your kids the skills they will need to ride a pedal bicycle.
When they move to a pedal bike, they will already know how to balance and steer, making the transition quick and easy. They can often even totally skip the supporting wheels which often is just an obstacle in learning how to ride properly.

With a balance bike the kids move safer into traffic, because the don’t have to concentrate on balance.

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Benefits of a balance bike

A Balance bike is a bike without pedals, chain or cranks. The child is sitting on the bike with the feet flat on the ground, making them feel safe. By using the feet to propel themselves along, they quickly learn the skills to glide, scoot, start and stop confidently.

Prototype of Blinkenbike basic - model WildDuck with kickstand #balance bike #prebikeA BLINKENBIKE® is an ideal first bike, which a toddler as young a 15-18 month can get to grips with. As well as learning to balance, it will help children learn co-ordination, spatial awareness and motor skills, all essentials for riding a pedal bike.

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