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BLINKENBIKE is closing
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BLINKENBIKE is closing down

Actually, we took the decision some time ago, but the designer behind the price-winning concept have been working behind the scenes, refocusing from a mass-market concept, to a high-end sophisticated Danish design product, but didn't manage to find a suitable manufacture.

Originally, we tried to launch a full-blown build-a-bike concept based on sophisticated design staying true to traditional Danish design virtues and at the same time at an affordable price for the mass market. We have realized that this isn’t within our capabilities and our financial capacities.

Our first prototype production was made by a Danish Carpentry workshop and hugely acceptable in both quality and durability, but way too expensive for mass market. Later we had several prototypes done in different countries at different production facilities and ended up with a small production in Poland. Unfortunately we had to scrap the production because it didn’t live up our defined standards. That was just before the Olympics I Rio, where the concept was exhibited by the Danish Design Center at The Danish Pavilion at Ipanema Beach.


Sometimes you have the right idea, but just the wrong timing...

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We will probably never know.

Being exhibited in Rio was a huge quality stamp, and later the BLINKENBIKE CONCEPT has also been proclaimed by critics and reviewers as a possible design icon. Large Danish design houses have expressed their desire to sell the concept, and it has also been recognised by dealers in 10 different countries spread across 3 different continents. It has been called the "Kaj Boyesen monkey on wheels" - a combination of LEGO, cycling and design, and thus the archetype of Danish design.



Unika products and Business-to-business focus

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The founder and designer behind BLINKENBIKE, have been working on other designs in his private firm – Blinkenberg CPH – where he has also designed, developed, produced, marketed and sold his designs – unfortunately with the same result. Hence, Nikolaj BLinkenberg Willadsen is now focusing solely on designing. His unique handmade products can be purchased on backorder, while searching for distributers to produce, market and sell in large scale on royalty basis. 


Some of the original unique handmade BLINKENBIKE's can be purchased as collectors items, or backordered.

Please visit www.blinkenbergcph.com to order and see more designs from Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen – and stay tuned, because what you see is just a fraction of all the designs he has already finished on the drawing table and have ready as prototypes in his workshop.