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Final call - still 28 hours left to save up to 35% on your first Blinkenbike

Welcome to the first Blinkenbike Newsletter

Blinkenbike Kickstarter campaign

One month ago, we launched the Blinkenbike Concept on Kickstarter, and we have been busy since then.

The whole idea behind launching on Kickstarter was to get awareness and of course funding. We launched our social media and Kickstarter campaigns at the same time, even though we knew, that we should have started out on social media in advance. The challenge was that we where waiting for patent application approval, and that we at the same time wanted to launch before the start of summer holidays.

The consequence has beenthat,due to the lack of extensive awareness in social media,, we most likely will not reach our target on Kickstarter.

The alternative would have been to wait till after the summer holidays. Because we had our tested prototype ready, and since we wanted to be in the marked no later than October, we decided to launch Blinkenbike anyways.

We also went on Kickstarter totally without Public Relations back up, which we have learned is more common than uncommon. Last but not least, we launched from Denmark, giving a huge problem with currency, as most backers see the price as US Dollar, even though our prices is in Danish Kroner, making the price seem more than six times higher than it actually is.


Blinkenbike will go-to -market

Blinkenbike Shop

We aim to launch and go-to-market – probably in several countries because the interest for The Blinkenbike Concept has been huge behind the scenes. What we haven’t gotten in direct sales on Kickstarter, we have gotten in contacts from distributers, agents and retailers from all over the world – New Zealand, Scandinavia, China, Australia and Brazil, and we have started dialogues with retailers and agents in South Korea, Germany, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Botswana.

Blinkenbike Tribute to Nimbus Type C

We have also been contacted by brands that are interested in having manufactured limited edition accessories as a part of their unique marketing, like the “Tribute to Nimbus Type C project” that you can follow on our homepage (link).

Based on the experiences, we have decided to change strategy and focus more on wholesale. The Blinkenbike Concept will in other words go-to-market and maybe in an even bigger scale than we first anticipated.

This is your last chance to get your 25-35% discount!

There is only some 30 hours days left of the Kickstarter campaign. Backers/supporters save 25-35%, so spread the word – you still have your chance to get one of the Kickstarter limited editions, and we have decided to offer all backers/supporters the chance to get the discount even though we do not reach our Kickstarter goal. So hurry up. Order now and receive a promotion code to get your first Blinkenbike at the attractive Kickstarter prices.

Stay tuned and feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Summer regards

The Blinkenbike Team