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Blinkenbike at the Copenhagen Fashion Week

BLINKENBIKE at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair – CIFF Kids


We are happy to announce that we have found an agent for the Blinkenbike in the Nordic region (Denmark, Norway, Sweden). Our new agent – NorthSport – will be exhibiting The Blinkenbike Concept on Copenhagen Fashion Week today the 5’Th of August 2015.

The displayed Blinkenbikes are prototypes, as we are still waiting for the first 0-series production line from the production facility.

The exhibition is open until Friday August the 7’Th from 08:00 – 18:00.  Find more details about “CIFF Kids” here


First view on the new BLINKENBIKE Workbench

Blinkenbike Shop

There has been a huge interest for the Blinkenbike Workbench in general, which has made us develop yet another workbench in a smaller version in order to fit the nursery. The new workbench is only 85x50x37 cm (33.5x19.7x14.6 inch), but the containers on the Workbenches  are identical with room for tools, knobs and a lot of Blinkenbike Accessories. The lid has the same shape-sorter-holes as the tool compartment in the bike, with room for the special Blinkenbike assembly knobs in a little compartment under the lid keeping knobs and accessories separated.

Blinkenbike on Vejle Kids

No need to be disappointed if you can’t to make it on the Copenhagen Fashion Fair. The Blinkenbike will also be displayed on “Vejle kids" from the 8’th until the 10’th of August 2015.

Find more details about “Vejle Kids” here

Stay tuned and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Summer regards

The Blinkenbike Team