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BLINKENBIKE at FINDERSKEEPERS - GO to Market - Website in Danish


BLinkenbike at FINDERSKEEPERS Aarhus - Video

After our pre-launch campaign, we got an invitation for the FINDERSKEEPERS markets in Aarhus and Copenhagen. At first we where very much in doubt if we should attend as we still hadn’t our first production series ready, but we ended up accepting the invitation with pride. And we are glad we did.

One of the prime principles behind the development of the Blinkebike is developing with kids for kids, so showing up at the exhibition was an additional opportunity to meet our coming customers, their friends, parents and relatives.

We can say with pride, that the exhibition was a big success. The interest for The Blinkenbike Concept is huge. We where presenting our products for interested buyers and users all weekend virtually without break - and we loved it.

You can get a glimpse of all the fun by clicking the picture and see the video made By Zeuthen. Or you could take the opportunity to visit us this coming weekend at FINDERSKEEPERS in Copenhagen. We are looking forward to share our product with kids, their parents and grandparents again – we can’t wait.


When: 26-27. September 2015

Time: 11:00 - 17:00


Entrance: DKK 50


When will Blinkenbike go-to market?

Blinkenbike Store Locater

So we are showing of, but when will we be able to show the real product, and not just prototypes?
Since we pre-launched on crowd funding, we have gotten that question from coming customers, buyers, distributers and retailers a lot of times. Let it be said loud and clear. We wish it would have been in October as first announced.

After a lot of problems with 3D drawings and set-back related to that, we finally completed the material by august 2015 and now we are also done with corrections for CE-approval, but we are still working on production-quality.

Our goal is to design, produce and deliver a high quality product at a very fair price, and we will not compromise on any of these parameters.

In the first deliveries, that goal wasn't meet, so we are still in the process of finalizing production, and instead of promising a specific date, we ask you to stay tuned on our website.
Also feel free to contact us for any questions – we will always reply with a quick and honest answer.



BLINKENBIKE website in Danish

A lot of people have asked us, “why is it that you are a Danish company and your website and newsletters are in English?

Well, our goal is to produce and deliver globally, and we believe our product is worth it. On the other hand, our company is Danish, so of course our website will be in Danish as well. Having an international focus, we started out with an international website. The moment we go into production, we will start translating the website in the necessary languages, starting out with the website in our mother tongue.

Our prime url will always be "www.blinkenbike.dk" because we are a Danish company – simple as that.


The Blinkenbike Team