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News from BLINKENBIKE - Long time no seen

Long time no seen

Dear subscriber. It has been a long time since you heard from us and you may have wondered if BLINKENBIKE would ever come to anything? It will! BLINKENBIKE is a sophisticated design and there are many things to consider, many rules to comply and we have set our quality standards very high. Admitted, the journey has been longer than expected but now we are almost there and have some good news to share! 


0-series Production in Denmark

After having tried different manufactures in the winter of 2015-16 we decided to make the 0-serie at a Danish carpentry manufacturer. That way, we were able to follow the production, optimize our design, implement changes and secure that we would be able to deliver in the quality we want. The bikes from the 0-series have been used to develop the BLINKENBOLTS (the small knobs used to attach accessories on the bike with).

Other bikes was used for exhibition purposes (which we will tell more about in a following newsletter) and finally, and maybe most important, some of the bikes have been used for CE-approval testing.


Development of the special designed BLINKENBOLTS - in corporation with DTU

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Wood is one of the most beautiful and natural materials. Every piece of wood is unique and has it own expression, structure and tone. The wood makes the BLINKENBIKE unique but wood is also a challenge when making the material fit. Especially when you develop with different types of wood.

The special-designed BLINKENBOLTS are developed in cooperation with DTU and have been push- and pull-tested, to secure that a two-year-old toddler can attach and dismantle the accessories on the BLINKENBIKE. 

Furthermore, DTU have tested the size and the strength of the special designed BLINKENBOLTS to avoid choking hazards.


BLINKENBIKE in Crash-test

While developing the final product we had an independent assessment from Forbrugerlab. After the assessment and some small modifications, the balance bike has been strength and crash-tested by Bureau Veritas in Germany.

The experiments take place with a series of tests, where the balance bike is dropped from a specific height, gets subjected by a specific load and by conducting a regular crash-test, driving the bike into a wall at a certain speed with a certain load etc.

After the testing, we made some small adjustments to the final product, that are now qualified for CE-approval.


Win a BLINKENBIKE Ltd. Edition 

In august 2016 the BLINKENBIKE was exhibited at CYKLO – a bike festival arranged by Muskelsvindsfonden (the Muscular-dystrophy Fund) – in Aarhus. On this occasion, we launched a drawing competition where also you can participate.

All you have to do is, to visit our homepage and download your own BLINKENBIKE-template. Colour your BLINKENBIKE-template, design our own accessories and just use your imagination! You can get some inspiration on our Instagram or Pinterest where you, among other prototype-designs can see a BLINKENBIKE with pony-accessories.

The winner will be contacted directly, announced on our webpage and in our newsletter on December 6th 2016.

Stay tuned, and please forward our newsletter to other potential BLINKENBIKE Riders.



The Blinkenbike Team