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bureau_veritas-svgApril, 2016 – CRASH-TESTING the BLINKENBIKE
While developing the final product we had an independent assessment conducted by “Forbrugerlaburatoriet”. After the assessment and some small modifications, the balance bike has been strength and crash-tested by “Bureau Veritas” in Germany.

The experiments take place with a series of tests, where the balance bike is dropped from a specific height, gets subjected by a specific payload and by conducting a regular crash-test, driving the bike into a wall at a certain speed with a certain load etc.

After the testing, we made some minor adjustments to the final product, that are now qualified for CE-approval.

DTU Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetWinter, 2015/2016 – DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLINKENBOLTS IN COOPERATION WITH DTU – Technical University of Denmark
Wood is one of the most beautiful and natural materials. Every piece of wood is unique and has it own expression, structure and tone. The wood makes every BLINKENBIKE unique but wood is also a challenge when making the material fit. Especially when you develop with different types of wood.
The special-designed BLINKENBOLTS are developed in cooperation with DTU and have been push- and pull-tested, to secure that a two-year-old toddler can attach and dismantle the accessories on the BLINKENBIKE.
Furthermore, DTU have tested the size and the strength of the special designed BLINKENBOLTS to avoid choking hazards.
The BLINKENBOLTS are now packed and ready for the first BLINKENBIKES.

BlinkenBikeDK Logo_shDecember 16, 2015 – 0-SERIES PRODUCTION IN DENMARK
We received our first 0-series production. Next up is the final CE-approval before we go into production. Subscribe to our newsletter and be advised when we launch the webshop and when we sign contracts with agents and retailers. And last but not least, be advised when The BLINKENBIKE® Concept will be available in a shop near you.

The displayed bikes was prototypes, as we were still waiting for the first 0-series production line from the production facility.
The exhibition once again confirmed the great interest for our concept

After our pre-launch campaign, we got an invitation for the FINDERS KEEPERS markets in Aarhus and Copenhagen. At first we were very much in doubt if we should attend as we still hadn’t our first production series ready, but we ended up accepting the invitation with pride. And we are glad we did.
One of the prime principles behind the development of the The BLINKENBIKE® is developing with kids for kids S.owing up at the exhibition was an additional opportunity to meet our coming customers, their friends, parents and relatives.
We can say with pride, that the exhibition was a big success. The interest for The BLINKENBIKE® Concept is huge. We were presenting our products for interested buyers and users all weekend virtually without break – and we loved it.

The film is made and supported By Zeuthen

We got staff picked right away but didn’t reach our goal, but we got a lot of publicity and especially experience with crowdfunding. The huge interest wasn’t reflected in backers. Through communications with lots of potential backers it became quite clear, that people won’t back a project for kids where there is great uncertainty about time of delivery. The primary support came from collectors and from people interested in design and from environmentally oriented idealist. We also got a lot of interest and contacts from agents, distributers and retailers from all over the world. That made us change our strategy an also the time-frame for delivery.

Please contact us if you are interested in partner with us one way or the other – and sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned.

The film is made and supported by

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