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std-in-packageCreativity is a part of the BLINKENBIKE DNA.
The BLINKENBIKE cardboard box has cut-out-ready templates printed on the inside. Just cut out, and you are ready to attach a motor, a headlight, gasoline tank, numberplate  etc.  without getting your hands dirty.

We continuously develop new designs and templates that are uploaded on ongoing basis. If you have the tools and the skills, you can even use the templates to cut out the designs in plywood yourself – maybe even paint it together with your kid afterwards.
Just remember to use waterproofed plywood and non-toxic paint – and take care in the workshop! – GO creative with BLINKENBIKE – and GO Your Own Way!


BLINKENBIKE Creative Designer – Free Templates

Important! Please observe the distance-marker on your prints. Use a ruler and measure to be sure you have printet in the right size.
If you use Google Chrome, please observe that the inbuilt Chrome PDF viewer sometimes incorrectly renders the templates. You can disable the Chrome viewer in the following steps:

  1. Enter chrome://plugins in the address bar
  2. Disable Chrome PDF Viewer
  3. Enable Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader

Have fun. Additional BLINKENBOLTS can be purchased at your local dealer or in our webshop.

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Make your own design and win a BLINKENBIKE Limited Edition

tegnekonkurrence_idaWe believe that creativity is about sharing and we are happy to share our ideas on Upcoming Designs.

You can also share your ideas too and get the chance to win a BLINKENBIKE Limited Edition model WildDuck.
Just Download the PDF and start drawing. Scan or take a photo of your drawing and send it to
Please write “MY BLINKENBIKE” in subject and don’t forget to ad contact information in the e-mail.

We will find the winner the 6’th of december 2016.
The winner will both be announced here and contacted directly.


Some of the “MY BLINKENBIKE” designs submitted at the CYKLO Bike Festival –  more will follow.
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Official BLINKENBIKE Gallery

Pictures from our BLINKENBIKE Gallery – click and right-click to download.
Please visit Upcoming Designs if you wish to see some of the prototypes we are working on.
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