Special Editions – Custom made BLINKENBIKES

WD_RF_NimbusPlease contact us if you fancy having your own custom made design-line or a one-piece-only collectors item.

The “BLINKENBIKE Tribute to Nimbus project” below is an example on how to get your own unique piece of design. Your kid can have his/hers own totally unique balance bike, you can get one as a collectors item, or your compagny can get your very own BLINKENBIKE Special Edition.

Visit our partner – DesignWerck – if you want to see the prototype og The BLINKENBIKE Nimbus.

BLINKENBIKE Tribute to Nimbus

Nimbus Type C posterThe project is a both a tribute to the famous Danish Designed Nimbus Type C, and a showcase on how you could get your own 100% custom made BLINKENBIKE Special Edition.

The project not only shows Nikolajs passion for classic designs, it also shows how you could get your own private piece of artware.

The “BLINKENBIKE Tribute to Nimbus” is the making of one-piece-only handcrafted set of accessories custom made for the BLINKENBIKE basic bike  Model WildDuck.

Please note that handmade accessories are NOT CE-approved for kids use! Production prototypes is needed to to get the proper certifications for kids use.

Please contact us if you want to hear more about how you can get your own handcrafted or custom made BLINKENBIKE® – Special Edition

Special Edition – how to get one!

You start out with choosing the design you wish your BLINKENBIKE to resemble, and together we make a budget for the project. Lowest entry price is $2260,- /DKK 15.000,- covering:

  • a basic BLINKENBIKE® model WildDuck – usual price
  • a set of special wheels and tires
  • Handmade accessories – from approximately $2.000,- / DKK 13.700,-

After approval of level of detailing, first sketches and budget we start the creative progress designing accessories.
As it is a creative process, you should expect the final design to differ slightly from the sketches, and there will be limitations to consider during the design proces, like whether all accessories should always fit with the general BLINKENBIKE accessories, or whether you rather want the design to represent the original as much as possible and thus compromise compability.

How far you want to take it, is a matter of budget. Prototypes plus a limited edition production line – Recommended minimum: 250 PCS

Development of a Special Edition BLINKENBIKE – from sketch to handmade prototype

1. Sketching, 2.Cardboard templates, 3.Cut-out parts, 4. Accessories production, 5. Assembly

Click thumbnail to see bigger version

  1. Sketch – working model

4. Accessorie – Saddle

2. Cardboard template

4. Accessorie – Fueltank with lid

3. Cardboard cut-outs

4. Accessory – Headlight and Horn

4. Accessory – Handlebar / Key

4. Accessory – Front fender

4. Accessory – Handlebar / Key

4. Accessorie – Rear fender

4. Accessorie – Fueltank with lid

4. Accessory – Motor / Exhaustpipe

5. Assembly – BLINKENBIKE® Tribute to Nimbus Type C

The real beauty – Nimbus Type C, 1938