The Story

Nikolaj alongside the Blinkenbike Workshop #Workbench #balance bike #prebike

It all started with the words “Build-a-bike” and an idea about creating accessories for the well know plastic tricycle moulded as a motorcycle.

Inspired by the words, Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen almost locked himself up in the workshop and at the drawing table. After hours, weeks and months of designing, testing and building, and after 6 prototypes with countless modifications, the patented BLINKENBIKE concept with the essential mounting BLINKENBOLTS

 and the shape-sorter-tool-compartment emerged.

Nikolaj is a single daddy to a teenage son, and also an uncle to two nephews at the age of 1 and 2 years and to two nieces at 5 (2014). By looking at other kids and by playing with kids Nikolaj had seen, that kids today learn how to ride a bike much easier than his own son did, only because of the rediscovery of the balance bike. At the same time Nikolaj is very focused and concerned about sustainability, and the sum of all that formed the idea behind the BLINKENBIKE Concept.

We hope you and your kid/s love the concept just as much as we do.

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Below you can see some of the photos taken during the process.

BLINKENBIKE – because creativity is intelligence having fun

One of the philosophies behind the BLINKENBIKE Concept is, that kids learn when they play. Or like Einstein said: “Playing is the highest form of research”

DSC04952The idea behind the BLINKENBIKE is, that kids without- or with only little help from grown ups, can build a bike of their liking. They start out with a basic model, and with the use of the patented tools and assembly BLINKENBOLTS from the integrated toolbox, they can attach a big variety of different designs, and build a bike exactly how they want it.

They can either cut out some cardboard designs from the box they got their BLINKENBIKE in, download templates for new home-made accessories, or they can purchase special accessories to build a chopper, a classic motorcycle with mudguards, rack, lights and even panniers to carry around some of their favourite toys. Or instead they can attach a little chair for a doll and a basket for a lunch box, and all of a sudden the classic motorbike is transformed into a cute little picnic bike.

AC_Tools_and_knobs-There are countless combinations, and all the accessories are carefully designed for crisscrossing only depending on kids taste and creativity. The designs automatically urge the kids to learn how to bike, simply because they just have to try out their new designs.

Take a look on some of the many combinations here

Made with kids for kids

Intelligence-having-funWe are constantly developing new designs at BLINKENBIKE because we simply love creativity. All our designs are carefully developed based on rules, regulations, guidelines and recommendations from leading organisations in Denmark and the rest of the world, but we get the best inputs from children. Children see details differently from adults, and their unspoiled minds often come up with new ideas that we had never given a thought.

Hermann – one of our prime test drivers – had for example the opinion that the headlight also should be attachable on the rear fender, on the panniers and on the picnic basket, and why not? – children are our most important source of inspiration, so it turned into a design where several accessories can be fitted on various places 🙂

20 months old and testdriver

Kid mounting tank on BlinkenbikeHermann has been testing our designs since the age of only 20 months.

He got his first balance bike when he was only 18 months old, but he never sat on it, and repeatedly resisted to give it a try. When he was introduced to the first functional prototype of the BLINKENBIKE he went riding after just 10-15 minutes of independent playing, assembling and dismantling.

New designs

WD_Cross_Kickstand_Tank_Mudguards_Number_Motor_FRWe love designing, and we are not afraid to share our ideas. Actually we ask You to rate our new ideas. That way we can stay focused on developing and launching exactly the designs that you and your the kids love the most.

Take a look at our upcoming designs, and vote for the designs that you think we should focus our energy on – and while doing that, please share in your network. We need as many votes as possible to be totally focused while developing more unique designs.